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Rename Token [January 14th 2006, 09:39PM
If anybody wants to buy me a rename token, I will absolutely love you!

Read here about it.

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Friends Only [October 28th 2005, 05:17PM

This journal is 100% Friends Only.

This LiveJournal is Friends Only, meaning you cannot gain any access to it unless you are officially on my LJ friends list. Obviously, you have to have an LJ account and with that, you have to add me and then I have to add you back. Why is it this way? This is because I simply want to keep track of who the people reading my online journal are and of course, for personal, privacy and even security reasons. No one wants unwanted people, complete strangers or total creeps just reading their journals!


1. Do not add my LJ for superficial reasons such as to increase the number of your LJ friends or just because you get a kick out of it (aka boredom) and such.
2. Do not add me if you won't even bother to visit my LJ and read (as well as comment, of course) on the entries at all.
3. You must comment often! Failure not to comply with this rule, will result you being cut in a friends cut.
4. Do not add me if all you want is help with things such as graphics, layouts, HTML, LJ overrides and such. That's what help and tutorial sites are for.
5. Do not add me just to get or expecting some freebies such as free layouts, icons, graphics etc. I do make these things and yes, sometimes I do give them away for free even to unknown people but please, don't add me just because you want or expect them from me.
6. Always show respect and don't do anything stupid (such as spamming, flaming, stealing and such) regardless of whether or not I add you back or whether or not you agree with me.
7. Keep in mind the initial purpose of journals and this LJ. This is a semi-private, personal online journal that I'm willing to share with certain people. This is not a commercial site or a site for freebies, designs, requests and the like.
8. Always observe general laws and rules such as the LJ Terms of Service, Netiquette, Copyright etc.
9. Please use proper grammar, spelling and such as much as possible. That means no sticky caps, Net or text messaging shortcuts etc.
10. If I do add you back, I do expect that you would actually visit, read and comment on this journal, even just once in a while!
11. If you decide that you (still) want be my LJ friend and gain all the benefits, then read on!


1. If you decide that you want to become a friend and gain access to my journal, you first have to have your own LiveJournal account.
2. Once you are logged on to your LJ account, all you have to do is to go to my User Info page and then click on the Add button.
3. Right after logging on and adding me, comment on this entry (yup, this very entry). With the comment, please be sure to fill out the application to the bottom. Failure to have this application will return in not adding.
4. I'll see if I can add you back...most likely, I can and will probably add you back, as long as you follow the rules and steps above.
5. Have fun!


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