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La Vida

de un adolescente equivocadamente acusado.

20 June


Hi. My name is Eddie, and I go to the gayest school ever, Crooms AOIT. Before I used to like it, but now, it's giving me a headache. It's a technology school, so if you ever need help with a computer, IM me at proudmexican620, or email me here.

If your a good friend of mine, then I'll basically be nice to you. Once you loose my trust, or think I did something I didn't do, then you can just basically wave our friendship our the door. I'm not going to be friends with people who do not give me respect. Usually, I'll give you a second chance, but once you get to the point to where I cant trust you, thats it. But if your nice and show respect towards me, then I'll return the favor.

I was born & raised (So far) in Florida. I was born in Jacksonville, then moved to Lake Mary. Three years later, I moved to Apopka, where I currently reside. I live behind Blockbuster, so I can walk there whenever I want to see a movie.

I am hispanic. I love being hispanic. To be more clear, I am Mexican. To me, that is really important to me. Depending on who the person is, I don't like expressing my ethnicity. I have to trust you before I can. I hate it when people go around saying racist jokes. Even if I'm not the race. It's just stupid to do that.

My family is very important to me. I would do anything for my family. Me and my family are very close. Even though parents can be tough, I hate it when people call their mother by their first name when there young. It doesn't show respect towards her. It's like saying you don't care about her. After all she did, you cant even call her 'mom'.

My journal is real, honest, and 100% me. And I do not tolerate DRAMA. I've had enough drama this year to last me until I'm 40. I'm done with drama, I'm sick of it. So, if you read my journal and you've got something to say about the way I am or what I say or how I say it.. then, PLEASE.. take it somewhere else because I don't wanna hear it. If you believe that you just MUST say something to me, go ahead and say it, but i'm telling you right now, it will not be pretty. Yea I whine.. but you know what? It's my journal, and if you're going to read it then you're going to have to deal with it. If you add me and tell me, I will add you back..


I love my BFF!
When something interests me, I usually become infatuated with it.
I love to argue, even when it hurts me.
I HATE cartoons.
I trust almost everyone, but when you ruin it, it's gone forever.
I cannot stand when people cant show their past. It's the past. Now it's future.
I'm a bit of a hypocrite.
I talk a lot of crap, but most of it is true.
I'm a bit judgemental.
I listen to my iPod at least twice a day.
I like meeting new people.
I hate it when people think they know a lot of a subject. Just because they watch it/do it 24/7.
I loose friends easily.
But I make up for it.
I'm obessed with LiveJournal
I love my family.
I get stared at a lot, and I still can't figure out why. Weird, eh?
I've never experience death.
I've never lost someone because of death.
I exaggerate a lot.
I always have a lot of things on my mind.
I play by MY rules.
If you don't like it, get over it.
I have my priorities straight.
I keep everything people give me. Including birthday cards, christmas cards, gifts, etc. I hate throwing them away.
I tend to take people's ideas/work, and claim them as my own. :[
I procrastinate. I'm my own best friend.
I don't know whats good for me.
I make a lot of mistakes. I'm only human.
I'm insecure with myself.
I don't like to clean.
I question myself a lot.
I hate hiding things from people.
If someone irritates me, I will take action.
I am mature.
I laugh at everything.
I can make anybody laugh. Grades are important to me.
I don't like emo people.
I dont' like rap music.
I cannot stand conceited people.
I am ethnocentric.
I'm always right. Even when I'm wrong.
I have my permit.
I hate when people think that Hispanic people are Mexicans.
I'm always on my cell phone.
I'm allergic to chocolate.
I like crazy straws.
I hate it when people don't type with correct grammer.
I love coffee.
I love going to the movies.
I love comedy movies.
I'm random.
I don't care what people think of me.
I get nervous when I have to speak in front of a big group of people.


-- 2 Mujers by Daddy Yankee
-- Animal City by Shakira
-- Corazones by Daddy Yankee
-- Costume Makes the Clown by Shakira
-- Cuentame by Daddy Yankee
-- Dale Caliente by Daddy Yankee
-- Dale Don Dale by Don Omar
-- Dia De Enero by Shakira
-- Dia Especial by Shakira
-- Don't Bother by Shakira
-- Dreams For Plans by Shakira
-- El Empuje by Daddy Yankee
-- En Tus Pupilas by Shakira
-- Escondite Ingles by Shakira
-- Gasolina by Daddy Yankee
-- Hey You by Shakira
-- How Do You Do by Shakira
-- Illegal by Shakira
-- La Camisa Negra by Juanes
-- La Pared by Shakira
-- La Pared (Version Acustica) by Shakira
-- La Tortura by Shakira
-- La Tortura (Shaketon Remix) by Shakira
-- Las De La Intuicion by Shakira
-- Like You by Daddy Yankee
-- Lo Imprescindible by Shakira -- Lo Que Paso, Paso by Daddy Yankee
-- Lo Que Paso, Paso Remix by Daddy Yankee
-- Lose Control by Missy Elliot
-- Lowrider by War
-- My Humps by Black Eyed Peas
-- No by Shakira
-- No Me Deles Solo by Shakira
-- Oye Mi Canto by N.O.R.E
-- Para Obtener Un Si by Shakira
-- Pon De Replay by Rihanna
-- Que Vas a Hacer? by Daddy Yankee
-- Rakata by Wisin y Yandel
-- Reggaeton Latino by Don Omar
-- Rompe by Daddy Yankee
-- Saber Su Nombre by Daddy Yankee
-- Sabor A Melao by Daddy Yankee
-- Sabor A Melao (Remix) by Daddy Yankee
-- Salud Y Vida by Daddy Yankee
-- Something by Shakira
-- The Day and the Time by Shakira
-- Timor by Shakira
-- Tu Principe by Daddy Yankee
-- We Belong Together by Mariah Carey
-- Your Embrace by Shakira


I moderate the following communities. Please go join them! If you do, I will love you forever!








11/29: Oral Fixation V.2 by Shakira comes out today!
12/05-12/09: Spirit Week at Crooms AOIT
12/05: Sports Day
12/06: Celebrity Day
12/07: 70's Day
12/07: Brothers 9th Birthday
12/08: Black and White Day
12/09: Pep Rally!!!
12/10: Homecoming Dance!!!
12/13: 5th Period Semester Exam
12/14: 1st and 4th Semester Exam
12/15: 2nd and 6th Semester Exam 7
12/16: 3rd and 7th Semester Exam
12/17: Brothers Birthday Party
12/19-1/3: Christmas Break!!!
12/24: Christmas Eve
12/25: Christmas
12/26: Mom's Birthday
12/27: Aunt Tina's Birthday
12/27: Heidi's Birthday
12/28: Peter comes to Florida!!!
12/30: Appoitment with Hair Stylist to get hair cut
12/31: New Years Eve
1/1: New Years Day
1/16: No School
1/16: Martin Luther King Jr. day
2/20: No School
2/21: No School
09/26: Alisha's Birthday
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